To protect the plants and farm and ensure the enjoyment of all guests, please review our Visitor Guidelines before your next trip.

There is currently no charge to visit our farm. In return, please respect our flowers, property and guidelines throughout your stay.

Farm Fresh Florals is not responsible for any incidents or injuries that may occur while visiting our Farm.

We will ensure that you understand the best techniques for harvesting our U Pick flowers. We ask that you only harvest from the designated U Pick garden and not from other areas of the property.

Pets are not permitted, except for service animals.

Children are welcome at the farm but must be supervised at all times. To protect from incidents with scissors or snips, when children are in the U Pick gardens, it is recommended that they assist with harvest rather than harvest flowers themselves.

No climbing of trees, rocks, fences, antique vehicles or any other display features.

No swimming in the pond. Exercise caution when near any bodies of water.

Smoking is permitted in the parking lot only.

Do not enter display beds, except where there are marked pathways.

Outside food and beverage is welcome.

Drinks and snacks are available for purchase at The SILO Farm Store (Coming Summer 2019).

BBQs or fires must be pre-arranged.

Do not litter. Please used marked garbage and recycling receptacles, ashtrays and compost facilities.

Farm Fresh Florals reserves the right to ask any guests who are not following the above guidelines or being disruptive to other guests, to leave the premises.