There has been a welcome trend of consumers becoming more conscious of where their purchases come from, how they affect the environment and how they benefit the local community.

Imported Flowers vs Local Flowers


It is estimated that approx. 80% of cut flowers in North America are imported.

Many are shipped chilled, by air for 1000s of kms without water in plastic and cardboard packaging.

Flowers are often harvested 2 weeks prior to arriving to retail locations/events.

Developed for sturdiness at the expense of fragrance and delicate beauty.

Prone to damage.

Often treated with pesticides, insecticides and fungicides.

Questionable labour practices.

Grown as a commodity.


Often harvested the day before or the same day as arriving to retail locations/events.

Consumer receives only the best blooms.

Never out of water.

Longer vase life.

Sustainably grown.

Less waste.

Supports local economy and community.

Minimizes environmental impact.

Encourages farming.

Brings back lost traditions.

Grown with passion.