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Jen and Tyrell Gruninger are 3rd generation farmers in Leduc County, Alberta.

The location, seasonality and hard work is the same as their predecessors, but the crops are not hay, grains or canola, they are FRESH CUT FLOWERS.

Jen is a graduate of the University of Alberta Botanic Gardens, Master Gardener Program. Influenced by the Garden to Vase movement and her heritage, Jen is inspired with her hands in the dirt, nurturing her crop. The resulting pride and satisfaction of connecting and educating consumers to locally grown, seasonal flowers is immeasurable to Jen.

Tyrell is a farmer at heart and jack of all trades. He is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all projects and venues on the farm. With a focus on upcycling and uniqueness - the shipping container barn, greenhouse, outhouse, pergola event space, photo booth, The SILO Farm Store (coming in 2019), dry creek bed and bridge have all been designed and built by Tyrell in just the past 2 years.

When you visit the farm, you visit their home, where they have poured their hearts into creating a space for people to gather, learn and be inspired by the beauty and nature around them.



Master Gardeners Association of Alberta

Stony Plain Horticultural Society